Recurring Campaigns

Under the Campaigns tab select Create A Campaign on the left side menu.

Click on Recurring Campaign from the options.

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Follow the Campaign Wizard step by step to select a contact list, edit campaign settings and your message, along with testing your email to make sure it will be sent out in perfect condition. Click here for more details on this process.

On the final step of the campaign wizard you will be able to set a schedule. You can schedule the days, times it will be repeated, as well as the date you want your campaign to begin.

You will also be able to select when it ends: Never, On (a specific date), or No more than (how many days the campaign will run for).

contact lists

To turn off the campaign, access it and click on Suspend. You may turn it on again at any given moment by clicking Resume.

contact lists

Note: Once you have scheduled the campaign, you cannot go back and edit it.