So what are Groups?

Groups help you put together users within a contact list based on a set of criteria that you define. By separating users from a single list into groups, your email campaigns can be more focused and you can refine your content for specific types of subscribers.

To create a new group from a list, access the Contact List you wish to apply the rules to and click on Manage Groups on the left hand menu.

contact lists

Click on Create a Group.

contact lists

Here you will define the rule by which you will segment your list. I gave my segment a name and added the following rules:

Email must contain Gmail

contact lists

You will see the total number of recipients found on the list displayed next to the group name.


  • You may apply as many criteria or rules as you'd like to a given group.
  • You may also create as many groups as you want for any given list. This will help you separate and target users accordingly.
You will see the group available under your contact list. You will also be able to edit the group name, rules, view the number of subscribers, engagement percentage and the last time the group was used.

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