Creating Anchor Links in the Advanced WYSIWYG Editor

So what is an Anchor Link?

In a HTML email, using an anchor is similar to adding a bookmark inside your content. Adding an anchor to your content allows you to create a hyperlinks that points to those "bookmarked" sections of the same page, or in this case, the same email.

Anchors are often used in long emails with multiple sections, sometimes as part of a table of contents. You can then provide a series of links that allow a reader to go directly to the content they want to read.

Part 1: Create an anchor in your content

Select the area where you want to create your anchor and be able to link to and click on the 'Anchor' button on the HTML editor's toolbar.

contact lists

A window will pop-up where you can name your anchor. The name is significant as it is what you will need to reference when you create links to this content. It can be only one single string of text, such as:

contact lists

Click OK to save the changes.

Part 2: To create the link to your anchor

Select the text or object/image that you would like to link to the anchored section of your content. Click on the 'Link' button on the top menu.

contact lists

Select 'Link to anchor in text' under Link Type and link your text to the anchor you just named.

contact lists

Click OK to save your changes.