Go to the Contact List tab and access the desired list. Click on the Add Contacts button on the left hand menu.

contact lists

You will be asked to confirm that you have permission from the recipient(s) to add them to your list. Click on the checkbox and go to the next step.

contact lists

Select Wufoo from the left hand menu and enter the Wufoo username, API Key, and Form Name.

contact lists

Users can access their Wufoo API Key through the following steps:

To obtain your key, log in to your Wufoo account, head to the Form Manager or “Forms” tab, and click the Code button beneath the name of the form for the form you want to integrate. This will take you to the code manager where you’ll want to click the API Information button to access your API credentials. On that page should be a 16 digit code, which is your unique API key. This key acts as a password to your data, so be sure to keep it private and to never give it out.

Tip: Check out these tutorials for a few other options for importing your list: CSV File, Highrise, Salesforce, Wufoo and Excel)